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Definitely made me cry!

Starting my journey !

Time for me to do my own thing.

So I have been thinking lately what to do with myself. My father is in the Army, and i’ve been raised military all my life.  Living on different bases, knowing the benefits, knowing the basics of the military, so on and so forth. The way that I was raised was to think that military is the only stable career you can have and that college is a waste of time and money. I have seen my friends struggle, homeless, jobless, and returning to their parents house. After seeing and hearing many incidents like this, I needed to think to myself “What do I want with my life?”. Now let me tell you, my mother and I have always been really close, but recently she has been a real pain. I know most of you are thinking “Why don’t you just tell her to fuck off? or Why don’t you just get a job and move out?” Well it isn’t that easy. When you have no car, a minimum wage of 7.25, and rent that costs you 500 dollars for a one bedroom not including utilities it doesn’t work out that easily. I know people who make it work on their own with two jobs plus college and pay their rent, but they have worked these jobs for years. The fact that my family is military and we move often is very hard to keep a job. Not to mention, i’ve only been “work legal” for two years. I’ve moved from three different states in those two years because my dad is in the middle of retiring. What could be better than having yourhousing, food, utilities and travel paid forby the military while stillgetting a paycheckof at least 1378 a month?Sounds pretty good to me. Not having to pay anything besides car insurance and a cell phone bill? Awesome. So, now that you know my background i’m going to move on to my main points of this blog.

Meeting with a recruiter.

My dad is active duty Army of 23 years. He was a recruiter for 8 years at the beginning of his career. So I brought him with me to smell out any BS. As you should know, I am a GED holder with no college.I went there nervous, but for no reason. My recruiter went over the basics with me and asked me to take the practice ASVAB. I was so nervous. Even though I took my GED test only a couple months ago, I suck at math! I was a little reluctant at first, but I decided it wouldn’t hurt and it needed to be done. GED holders have to score at least a 50 on the ASVAB to qualify. It took me about 20 minutes to complete, and I can’t really call it hard but I felt a little stupid. The math portion was a little confusing. I actually put effort into some of them that I thought I could solve, but the rest I just guessed.The rest was pretty much common sense. I got a 52on it. I’ve heard that people usually score 4-10 points higher on the actual ASVAB versus the practice.My recruiter told me I need to have 15 credit hours of college, BUT I just need to go up to the college tomorrow and sign up. Then I have to tell him I am enrolled in 15 credit hours of school and he will do all my paper work and get me set up to MEPS which is where I will take the real ASVAB. After I pass it, I will sign my Army contract right then and there and have my job choice and basic training ship date locked in. When I am done with my semester of college (3 months), I will be leaving for Basic and AIT. Since I chose the MP (Military Police) MOS I will be going to Fort Leonard Wood, MO. It will be 19 weeks long combined. I am honestly so excited!

I will be posting more about my progress tomorrow and let ya’ll know how the college thing goes!




Really cute and clean!

Really cute and clean!

Outdoors &lt;3

Outdoors <3